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The Volkswagen Service 
Technicians you can trust!
VW Performance Exhaust Upgrade

If you’re a Volkswagen owner, you know that these vehicles are built with their drivers in mind. In fact, Volkswagen actually means the “people’s car” in German! The Volkswagen brand breeds loyalty through the generations. Customers can rely on a higher level of performance from the VW and that expectation keeps them coming back. Heritage AutoHaus upholds the highest standards and the same consistency with quality Volkswagen repairs and maintenance. Volkswagen vehicles are known for their unique design and expert German engineering. They should be properly repaired and maintained by people who care as much about your car as you do. At Heritage AutoHaus, we believe that exceptional Volkswagen service doesn’t have to come from the dealership. As an independent Volkswagen repair shop, we offer the same dealer-level workmanship while saving you up to 40%.

VW Maintenance Service
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