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The Volvo Service 
Technicians you can trust!
Volvo Quality
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Volvo engineers and manufacturers are known for pushing the envelope and setting the pace for tomorrow’s automotive innovations. You’ve invested your time and money in a high-end vehicle and quality road travel. But are you protecting your investment? Taking your Volvo out on the road, and enjoying its next-level performance is only the beginning. Every season should begin with an appointment with Heritage AutoHaus–a team of qualified Volvo service technicians. These routine pit stops are not meant to address Volvo repairs, but rather to make sure you never have costly repairs to deal with. Our team performs factory-scheduled maintenance services that give you a heads-up about your Volvo's condition. As your Volvo stays ahead of its competition, Heritage AutoHaus keeps you ahead of any repairs, breakdowns, and performance problems. We love performing top-quality Volvo repairs and services to make sure your Acura is always performing at its best!

We’re this area’s best alternative to the expensive dealerships! At Heritage AutoHaus, we treat you like family, not like another number. The Volvo has a reputation to uphold and so do we. Our Volvo customers leave our facility behind the wheel of a fully-enhanced vehicle. Excellent craftsmanship and innovation have created the Volvo, but it’s our service expertise and workmanship that preserves your Volvo! 

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